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We tend to forget about things we don’t see, and plumbing systems mostly operate away from the naked eye. But just like everything else, your plumbing is subject to wear and tear. And the best way to avoid a disaster is with a good knowledge of basic plumbing problems and solutions.

  • Essential Plumbing Tips
  • Water Heater Replacement
  • Water Leaks
Your water main is the first access point for water going into your home. It’s typically located outdoors or near the water heater. On the water main you’ll see a shutoff valve (either a lever or wheel). This valve will completely stop the flow of water into your home when you close it.

At some point, you’re going to have a clogged drain. When we take showers, our hair falls out and it builds up over time. Your first instinct, when confronted with a clog, might be to use one of those liquid drain cleaners. Big mistake. That’s right, avoid liquid drain cleaners like the plague. We know, it seems like an easy fix to an annoying problem. But the chemicals in Liquid Plumber and other similar products can harm your plumbing infrastructure. If your sink or tub keeps backing up, get a snake or similar tool that can pull out any debris blocking your pipes.

Know when Water heaters have a lifespan. If yours is getting into the double-digits, it’s probably time for a replacement. This is an area where you don’t want to procrastinate. That water heater tank is holding 20 gallons or more. That’s more than enough water to do some serious damage if that tank springs a leak. Get it inspected by us today.
Water damage can create dangerous mold. Call us today at 941-269-3431 our mobile technicians are available 24 hours a day.

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